behind every successful organization are great people

for employers

With over thirty years in human resources, we understand the relationship between good people and great business. It's no secret that engaged employees - those who share an organization's goals and are emotionally invested in its success - are some of the most significant indicators of a firm's overall performance. 

At Elevate, we have a vested interest in providing you with exceptional, engaged, and highly qualified talent, which results in a better working environment and more profitable business outcomes. 

recruitment & Staffing


  • Full service search & placement 

  • Quality guarantee - we thoroughly screen applicants prior to interviewing

  • Every candidate is pre-interviewed to ensure compatibility 

  • Methodology blends science with intuition to get to know candidates beyond their resumes 

  • Ongoing follow-up throughout and following the hiring process

  • 90% of our business is comprised of repeat customers 

  • 95% retention rate for successfully placed candidates

  • Replacement guarantee​


  • Workforce education

  • Supervisory development

  • Root cause analysis

  • Opportunity assessments

  • Leadership mentoring

  • Lunch & learn sessions

  • Pre- and post assessments

  • 1:1 coaching 

We partner with Karico International Inc.  to provide companies with long-term solutions to achieve organizational goals. Services include:


- Doug Conant

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.